Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart

A little friendly competition has always been part of the Sacred Heart experience.  This year, that competition is crossing over to our development activities.  

Spearheaded by Jeanne Vezina Vinal '82 and her daughters, Lizzie '15 and Sarah '21, this is an opportunity to form a team of SHA supporters and compete!  Jeanne is not shy and is happy to take on anyone who is anxious to increase support for Sacred Heart! 

Jeanne is even recruiting her own competitors.  She reached out to Kate Feroleto '02 - who is never one to shrink from a challenge - and Kate accepted.  Feroleto's $10K for SHA team is up and running and ready to make a difference for our SHA students!

If you would like to form your own team, contact Susan Reiser Daniels '92 at sdaniels@sacredheart.org.  To contribute to one of our existing teams, simply click their link below:

 Vinal's $50K for SHA, led by Jeanne Vinal '82 and daughters Lizzie '15 and Sarah '21.

Feroleto's $10K for SHA, led by Kate Feroleto '02